Helena Abidin : An Inspiration of a Truly visioner in the fundamental...

Helena Abidin : An Inspiration of a Truly visioner in the fundamental of trust

Helena Abidin

Helena Abidin absolutely believes that Personal Branding is an important strategy to succeed. As a certified Personal Branding Strategist, she dedicates her heart, talent, and energy to work with entrepreneurs and corporate executives to discover the essence of their brand through creative workshops and speaking forums.

With her passion, she inspires individuals to believe in their potentials in building a profound success in career and life. Confide confidentially: whether it is your personal life story, dreams, or drives, Helena Abidin is the person to trust to walk the journey of achieving authentic and successful personal brand.

Helena Abidin has been heralded for years of experience in corporate reputation, communications, brand building, marketing and personal development—leading to her current position as the Marketing Director of a European luxury automobile brand in Indonesia.

Helena Abidin is also the co-author of National Best Selling motivational book: ANGEL & DEMON: 30 KisahInspiratif Sang Pemenang, a celebration of her passion, in addition to painting.

Her commitment to make an impactful change to the society is channeled through her work as the Ambassador of Women Build, a project of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. She empowers women to build decent houses for low-income families in various regions in Indonesia and to bring hopes to the families and their young children.

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